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Group Coaching: Expansion Coaching: Build Your Business to Expand (Monthly)

Program Details
$99 per month

Join our weekly calls built around each pillar of your business:

Week 1 – Operations
Week 2 – Lead Generation and Sales
Week 3 – Growth
Week 4 – Follow the Model

Building a big business is sequential. Each month we will continue to layer in strategies to prepare for expansion, launch into expansion, grow your current expansion, or dominate the industry thru expansion.

Additional Value - On-Line Resource community for:
Lead Generation Play Books
Tracking and accountability tools
Checklists & Processes for Transaction Coordination, Listing Management, Accounting, and
Lead Flow and Lead Tracking diagrams
Role descriptions and compensation models
…And much, much more.

*Expansion Coaching: Build Your Business to Expand is only for KW Associates, please do not register for this program if you are not a KW Associates. Non-KW Associates will not receive access to the program and their money will be refunded. Please check the appropriate status below. For any questions email us at*