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MAPS 1x1 Coaching: Mastery Coaching Contract – Agent

$1000 USD per month for 12 consecutive months
(Automatic 1 year renewal terms unless you provide MAPS with 30 days advance written notice prior to the end of the term.)

Program Details for $1,000 USD per month:
• Includes 1 Agent non-transferable registration for Spring Agent Masterminds, Family Reunion and Mega Agent Camp/Mastermind
• In order to secure their complimentary registrations, Mastery Clients must register for Mega Agent Camp/Mastermind by the registration deadline of July 1st and Family Reunion by the registration deadline of November 1st each year
• 40+ intense 30 minute coaching calls plus group calls during events

Your next payment will be charged on the 5th of the month following your first month of coaching.