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MAPS 1x1 Coaching: TEAM COACHING Contract

Team Coaching:
-For the Rainmaker - 40+ 30 minute coaching calls annually, one-on-one and in-depth.
-For the Rainmaker's Team - 40+ 30 minute coaching calls annually, customized to specific team members or all team members, in-depth.
-1 – 60-min strategy session with team quarterly.
-2 Registrations for the following events: Family Reunion, Spring Masterminds, Mega Camp/Summer Masterminds
-Franchise Systems Orientation (FSO). Registration (excludes cost of materials and supplies)

Administrative Assistant Coaching:
-2 – 30-min 1-on-1 coaching calls per month for the EA
-1 Registration for the Perfect Real Estate Assistant Group Coaching Program per year.